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| Tuesday, August 11, 2015
Well 'Readers,' I'm a day off my game.  Moving will do that to you.  Please forgive the tardiness of my posting.
What I have in store for you today should more than make up for it.  I would say this is the newest- latest & greatest tool in the sock knitting world!  Right on top with the invention of self-striping sock yarn and a short-row heel.
This lovely woman is the inventor and creator of The Sock Ruler, Denise.

"I began knitting at the age of five, taught by my Finnish grandmother. Using a child-sized pair of needles I spent countless hours knitting yards and yards of nothing. The love of knitting had not yet been ingrained at that point, as I became interested in trying other artistic endeavors such as paint-by-number kits, sewing doll clothing, making beaded bracelets, learning how to draw horses, and ultimately going to the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland.  But I digress... at the age of 15 I took up knitting again.  The first sweater I knit was a pull-over with a large cowl collar in emerald and black thick-and-thin yarn. I don't know what I was thinking but I wore it proudly. A few years later I tackled a three piece outfit: skirt, vest and cardigan. That was during the time of mini skirts and I believe the skirt might have measured 17 inches.  It was a really cute outfit and I still have it.  (No, I do not wear it!) Then I knit a pull-over sweater for my father on size 3 needles. My father was not a small person and it took a long time to knit a big sweater on those small needles.  I took a little more time off from knitting when I became enchanted with embroidery and began stitching designs on my clothing. That led to many other needle craft and artistic activities until I came back to knitting and embraced it completely.

But what about The Sock Ruler?  In the summer of 2012   I had been knitting socks for about two years, becoming increasingly frustrated with the measuring process.  Due to the three dimensional quality of a sock, tape measures and rulers were just not cutting it. I could never be sure the measurements were accurate. I needed something I could stick into the sock that would show me a true measurement.  I cut out a template from a cardboard cracker box and, aha!  It was just perfect! The Sock Ruler flattens out the sock, thereby providing that true measurement I was seeking. Best of all, no more floppy tape measures to deal with!  Knitting from the cuff down I could put it inside the sock and see exactly how much further I needed to knit to the start of the heel flap. The rounded end tucked right into the heel so I could measure from the heel to where the toe decrease would begin. It also worked for socks knit from the toe up.  I used my cardboard template for two years, all the while thinking that other sock knitters might like it. I took The Sock Ruler to where it is now; it has come a long way from the original cardboard template. I think you will find it as wonderful to use as I do!"
       -Denise Ilmanen
And here you have it, the magic of The Sock Ruler.
Specifically designed so that finding the perfect measurement is no longer a challenge for us knitters.  No matter your knitting preferences; toe up, cuff down, short row heel, gusset, all will work when knitting a sock.  I love the construction of this tool.  It is made from a very sturdy plastic that will not break and can be easily slipped into a knitting bag on the go.  One of my own ideas is to utilize the blank back side of the ruler.  I have taken measurements of those who I regularly knit for and used a permanent marker to take note and write it on the back.  So now, no matter what I can knit the perfect sock every time.  Measure the leg or the foot, no matter it will be "The Best Fit you can Knit."
I highly recommend that every knitter get one of these.  No more need to have a tape measure any more for socks.  This is a must have for every sock knitter.  Husbands...this would make a great "Stocking Stuffer" for Christmas.  Or should I say, "Ladies" tell your husbands this would make a great stocking
For more information please visit the following link.  If you are a yarn shop owner or you would like to see your yarn shop carry this product, please follow this link.
 The Sock Ruler receive a 5 Needle Review Rating!
Thank you again Denise for allowing me to feature your "Must Have Sock Tool!"
Just remember;
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{ Betsy } at: August 12, 2015 at 8:26 AM said...

This would be a great tool to mark family feet sizes on for quick measurement reference.

{ k2ntrish } at: August 15, 2015 at 1:21 PM said...

This would definitely help me size my socks better. I'm anxious to try one out.
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