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| Monday, June 15, 2015
Happy Monday Readers!!!
I think it is officially is out, the pool is open and its warm.  I'm so excited to be able to knit outside in the warmth and enjoy.  I hope you all are finding it to be enjoyable as well.
Today I'm thrilled to be sharing with you Peepaloo Fields yarn.  Shari Scheider is the colorist and dyer in charge. 
"I don't have a story, my 3 and 1 year old make it up as we go. Each day is different and these yarns, colorways and stories all warm my heart and I hope they warm yours too.

Let's have coffee sometime. Over yarn."
~Shari Scheider~ 
Now for the blaze of color that she has given us to review.
Fingering / 4 ply
80% Wool, 20% Nylon
400 yards / 100 grams

"Belly Buster"
How fantastic is this!  Rainbow highlighter combined with an ash black.  I am in love with it.  It has such a great mix of the neon bright with the balance of black.  Sheri does a great job of having a mix of all kinds of rainbow and bright colors with neutrals.  Some are mixed with white, black or gray.  Any and all of them are so fantastic, you will be really energized when you take a look at her shop and see what she has to offer all of you. 
The yarn base is a perfect combination of bounce and twist.  Perfect for a shocking pair of socks that will brighten any ones day or really any pattern that your can use fingering weight yarn with.  I think a fingering weight child's cardigan with this yarn would just be so fun.  I know my daughter would love the colors!!!

Peepaloo Fields receive a 5 Needle Review Rating!
Thank you again Shari for sharing your amazing yarns!
Just remember;
“Anything can happen when you put on a pair of Hot Pink Socks”
 This week every one of you is a winner in that you all get 10% off of your first yarn purchase.  Please use the code:

Enjoy shopping at Peepaloo Fields

What is your color way of choice?


{ wooliegirl } at: June 16, 2015 at 6:16 PM said...

Hmmmm,tough choice but going with Dive Bomb (Green). All of them are stunning!

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