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| Sunday, October 5, 2014
Hello Readers!!! 
This week is really an exciting one.  I have the opportunity to share with you some of the very newest items you can get from Knitters Pride.  Be ready to make a list for Santa after you see all the amazing items I have to show you today.

Bags & Handles

Some of the most unique non-leather bags are here to stash all your knitting goods in.  These bags will fit more than just knitting; a water bottle, cellphone, name it, it has a pocket for it.  The collections come in three color pallets and have a range of bag types and needle/notion cases to coordinate.

Knit Blockers

This is one of those items that I wish I could say, "I thought of that."  Unfortunately...I did not.  What a great concept for blocking.  It is a comb like object that has a series of pins all aligned in a row for blocking straight edges.  They all come packaged in a small compact box, perfect for any knitter who will be doing any kind of blocking.


Every one loves an interchangeable needle set!  How about a set of acrylic needle tips that are all uniquely colored according to size.  What a fun way to introduce a friend to knitting.  Same great joins in the cables/needles that we have come to know and love from Knitters Pride Needles. 


I would say that most of 'My Readers' are well aware of Karbonz needles by now.  However did you know that they just launched a new interchangeable set that is specific to 16' needles??!!  The kit comes with two 16' cables and caps and a ranging size of Karbonz needles.  These needles are unique in that the tips are only 4' long.  This makes the perfect 16' needle for hat knitting or sleeves, what ever you fancy. 
So many new and exciting things to put on your wish list this holiday season.  I hope that you found something new to you today that you want to take a second look at. 
I would like to thank Knitters Pride for always having great customer service and the latest advancements in the world of fiber arts.


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