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| Monday, May 5, 2014
Happy Monday Readers!!!  I hope you are as inspired by our feature designer and her patterns as I was when I reviewed them!!  We have two patterns that will be featured today and if you like them as much as I think you will...she has more to come in the set!!!!!
Linda Wilgus is the designer behind several stunning vintage inspired patterns that range in variety from shawls and sweaters to even baby knits.  Woolly Mammoth Knits patterns have been published in, among others, Knitty Magazine, Twist Collective, Creative Knitting, Yarn Forward and many books.  Just take a peek at her website to see all her amazing designs that can be purchased directly through Ravelry.  I could go on and on about how amazing her patterns are, but I will save you all and get to the two featured patterns that Linda is sharing with us today.

Salad Shawl

Salad Shawl is the first shawl in the Dinner Party Collection: a collection of shawls inspired by different dishes, which together would create a yummy meal for a dinner party. Each shawl is named after a different course and each pattern includes the recipe for the dish which inspired the design. Linda's husband loves to cook and they have decided to combine a love of respective talents in this collection: She create the knitting patterns and he the recipes.
The first course is the Salad Shawl, a small triangular shawl worked from side to side, with lace on one edge and a lovely little cable on the other. The shape and points on the edge are created by casting on stitches while you knit the first half of the shawl and binding off stitches in the second half. The accompanying recipe is Brandon’s Mediterranean Feta Salad recipe.
I just love the idea of this collection!!!  How fun would it be when someone asks you, "what shawl are you knitting?" You get to respond with what dinner course it is and the fun conversation that goes with it.  Brandon's Feta Salas...WONDERFUL!! I loved making it and sharing it with my husband.
Both Linda & Brandon defiantly have mastered what they love to do.
I have enjoyed this knit so much that I think I am already 1/2 way finished and I only cast on
 May 1st.  It is such a smooth and fun knit.  Here is a sneak peek at my shawl.

Aubergine Surprise

The second knit in this collection was just released so it is hot off the press. 

Aubergine Surprise is the second shawl in the Dinner Party Collection.
The second course is Aubergine Surprise, an asymmetrical, striped shawl in garter stitch. A bit of increasing on each row, some decreasing and last but not least some lovely short rows and voilà! An eye-catching shape with eight points sticking out on one side and a smooth edge on the other. The tight top edge creates a slightly ruffled fabric, which can be smoothed out during the blocking process, as shown in the photos, or could be kept for a lovely ruffled shawl if you’d prefer. Worked from side to side, Aubergine Surprise is an easy knit in a fingering weight.
The accompanying recipe is Brandon’s Aubergine Eggplant Appetizer recipe.
This is a shawl that I can see everyone wanting to knit.  How many of you Readers have multiple 'Special' skeins of fingering weight yarn that you just don't feel are best suited for socks, way to special.  Well now is your chance to grab two such skeins and showcase them in a stunning shawl!!!  This shawl is a perfect 'Dress up or Dress down' item.  I would easily shoulder this over a simple black dress for dinner out as well as wrap around my neck with a white t-shirt and jeans, very versatile.
If you are a fan of Eggplant, this is the perfect recipe for you!!!  No matter if you purchase the patterns individually or you end up buying the entire collection, you will be knitting multiple shawls for years to come.

Both patterns are fantastically written.  You have your pick, all patterns are written out as well as have charts for you to follow along with.  Her instructions are clear and made very forward so you really have no question when reading the patterns.
  Woolly Mammoth Knits receive a 5 Needle Review Rating!
Thank you again Linda & Brandon for your amazing Patterns and Recipe's!
Just remember;
“Anything can happen when you put on a pair of Hot Pink Socks”
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2. Tell me what shawl you favor the best & what special skein(s) of yarn would you use to knit it.
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{ JKH51 } at: May 5, 2014 at 7:10 PM said...

I like the Salad Shawl. I don't know what yarn I would use but have several pretty greens to choose from. Maybe Madelinetosh-Tosh Merino Light in Leaf.

JKnits51 on Ravelry

{ Linda } at: May 7, 2014 at 5:10 AM said...

I love the Salad Shawl. I've already queued it. I'd probably use Madtosh TML.
Lmecoll on Ravelry

{ Betsy } at: May 9, 2014 at 9:11 PM said...

I really like the salad shawl. Perhaps Wollmeise in the fern colorway would be nice.

{ Kim D } at: May 11, 2014 at 5:24 AM said...

I love the Aubergine Surprise and I would probably go to my lys and grab some of the new flocking feet by done rovings to knit it with!!

{ Lori } at: May 11, 2014 at 6:28 PM said...

The Aubergine Surprise actually showed up in my Revelry pattern recommendatio feed.

{ Linda } at: May 23, 2014 at 10:20 AM said...

Oooo I love the salad shawl and I'd like to handspinning yarn for it!

Linda /Stoneybrooke

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