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| Monday, April 2, 2012
Fiber Fantastic!

I was so pleased with the presentation and packaging of this next review, I thought I would share a picture with you before I tore into the Fiber.  June Pryce Fiber Arts is the a sister partnership shared between Jennifer (Spinner) and Cheryl (Dyer).  These ladies excel in  hand painted wool top spinning fiber for handspinning or felting, knitting yarn, sock yarns, lace yarns, and handspun yarns as well as knit patterns and knitting kits.  Really...does is get any better than that! 

I digress...back to the mystery that is shown above in its cute Spring Packaging.
"Contemplation" is a 75/25 BFL Silk Wool Blend Roving.  It weighs in at 4.0oz and is Screaming "Spring Spinning" to me.  I could picture myself on my porch, drafting and spinning away as the colors flow through my hands.

I am so pleased with the colors in "Contemplation".  It is not often that the right yellows complement the right greens when it comes to colors that are so close on the color wheel.  I have just been proven other wise, this is the most perfect married colors I have seen in fiber in a long time.  One color transitions and pulls out the beauty of another.  "Ladies", my complements to you and your eyes for color!

Spinning fiber is fiber that they spin, using a wheel or spindle, to make yarn. For the most part, their spinning fiber is combed top, which is a preparation where all the fibers are combed parallel to one another. When spinning combed top, spin straight from the top for a worsted spun yarn, or spin from the fold for woolen spun yarn. 
Each fiber order is thoughtfully packaged with a sampling of Eucalan to help soften the final product of your fiber.  Cheryl, DyenamicDyestress dyes in her home studio using a cold pour technique with a steam set on all of her dyes.  This insures that you have the maximum amount of color even after your fiber is washed. 

CUSTOM ORDERS joyfully fulfilled! They are happy to custom dyeing as well as custom spinning!
I a happy to endorse this fiber art line.  Please make sure to visit the shop and see what kind of
"Spring Goodness" do you need to Spin up!!
June Pryce Fiber Arts receives a 5 Needle Review Rating!

Just remember;
“Anything can happen when you put on a pair of Hot Pink Socks”


Thank you again for donating to the blog!


{ JStockert (~Julia) } at: April 3, 2012 at 12:18 PM said...

I love the 'Superwash Merino Cashmere Nylon Gradient Hand Painted Fingering Sock Weight Yarn - Saunderstown - Aphrodite' caked yarn. Beautifully dyed and so appropriate for this time of year with its bright, happy colors :)

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