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| Monday, February 27, 2012

I would like to introduce your to "The Copper Corgi" other wise known as Sarah Meurer.
Sarah is an indie dyer who lives in Savannah, Georgia. She is an experienced in knitting, crocheting and as she calls it 'hording of yarn!' (Love the expression)
She is a graphic designer who has found passion in dyeing and combines art with her passion of design.
your inspiration you ask...her mascot, Penny.
How can you not love such a cute face!

The Copper Corgi has provided a fantastic Superwash Merino Sock yarn for this review.  I was so pleased with this yarn for a few reasons that I would like to tell you about.  Her colors are so well blended.  They have just the right mixture of bold with the touch of neutrals to pull the color off in the right way.  Take a look at the review yarn that is appropriately named "Bloody 'ell!"

Another thing that really sets this yarn apart is how she skeins her yarn.  She sells smaller skeins that are perfect for 2-at-a-time socks.  This is one of my favorite ways to knit my socks. If you have never tried this method, you are in for a real treat.  Each skein has 2oz. -245 yards. and retail for $13.00 each.  I feel like this is a really reasonable price for this yarn, you will be very pleased with all aspects of it. 
If you are not a sock knitter another advantage of the smaller skeins is that you can use them for smaller projects; fingerless mitts, baby booties etc.  Another fantastic reason to check out this etsy seller.
I started a textured sock pattern with this yarn and can I just say...I am loving it.  I was amazed at how soft this yarn is and that it is 100% superwash.  Sarah really puts some thought into her choice of base for her yarns.  (She also has fiber braids if you are a spinner)

 As you can see, her color choices are stunning.  If you are a 'Hot pink sock' lover like I am, you might want to check out this Pink!

The Copper Corgi receives a 5 Needle Review Rating!

Just remember;
“Anything can happen when you put on a pair of Hot Pink Socks”


Thank you to Sarah again for donating to the blog!

As an aditional offer to all of my readers, Sarah is offering a 15% off coupon code on all items in her etsy shop!!!  Please use the code  HOTPINKSOCKS
This weeks give away is a fantastic 'Southern Treat'
(Sweet Tea)

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2.Tell me if you like knitting 2-at-a-time socks, and what color way you would like to knit of the Copper Corgi's sock yarn.
Good luck to you all!
The winners of the drawing will be announced on Monday March 5th

The one Kit Every knitter must own

A little story to start off the Review, please grab a cup of coffee or a glass of sweet tea and enjoy the read.

about Judy's Colors

Once upon a time there lived a woman named Judy who had just moved into the new home she had designed. It was situated near the cellar hole of the house where her father was born, and on the land her grandparents had bought in the 1920’s. The new home was partly made of material from the barn that she played in as a child. It was a very special place.

It needed a special Christmas Stocking. The old “store bought” Christmas stocking just wouldn’t do. So she went in search of a pattern for the perfect Christmas stocking. Which she couldn’t find. Not that she knew what she was looking for; she didn’t. . . just that she would know it when she saw it.
So out came the pencils, graph paper, erasers, books, needles and yarn. After lots of testing and ripping and more ripping and more figuring, two stockings emerged. “For the time being.”
After Christmas, she kept working on the designs, knowing that “somewhere” some wonderful stockings were to be found. Around the middle of March, several stockings later, after much gnashing of teeth and many shouts of “Hallelujah!”, she said to her husband, “I think I may just have something here.”
And so, later that year, Judy’s Colors showed the 2007 Christmas Stocking Collection.
Little did she suspect that a little over two years later Vogue would show her designs in the Holiday issue of Vogue Knitting, but it really did happen.
I wonder if she ever did create the perfect stocking for her new home. . . certainly she made many designs, had many more in the wings, and many more in her head . . . but has THE stocking for her home been knit?


Judy lives and works outside of Farmington, Maine. A jack of all trades, (or shall  we say Renaissance woman?) she has worked as a calligrapher, graphic designer, kitchen designer, garden designer, seamstress, secretary, knitting and needlepoint retail salesperson, and indoor plant store manager. She has taught calligraphy, knitting and needlepoint.  And has started far too many businesses!

I have had the greatest time emailing back and forth with Judy and learning all about her fantastic collection of stocking kits.  She has a wide variety that will fit every ones Christmas decor.  Each stocking is carefully thought out and designed for the most breath taking outcome.  Take a look to see some for your self.

I am more than pleased with this kit!  I am recommending that every knitter who wants to try color work or is experienced with color work to pick up a kit today.  I am so excited to share my masterpiece with my family and friends this Christmas as I will have a beautiful stocking to hang above my fireplace.

Judy Tollefson receives a 5 Needle Review Rating!

Just remember;
“Anything can happen when you put on a pair of Hot Pink Socks”


Thank you again to Judy for the donation of the Kit to the Blog!
This weeks give away is the biggest I have ever had the chance to give away.  Valued at over $80.00, Judy has graciously provided the Christmas Argyle Stocking in the Dark Green color!

In order to enter the Give Away you must
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2. You must friend Judy's Colors on Face book, and tell me what stocking kit would look the best hanging from your fireplace this Christmas
Good luck to you all!

 The winners of the drawing will be announced on Monday March 5th


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