Lavishea Lotion Bars

| Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This fantastic product is All New, All Natural, and Gluten~Free.  This convenient little round bar comes packaged in a 1.25oz or 2.5oz tin that had a lid to keep your lotion bar from drying out.  Inside the bar is impeccably wrapped in tissue to keep the shape of the bar.  Each tin is labeled with all the natural ingredients and a very well done label that is sure to catch the eyes of all your friends who see you using it!  These bars come in to price ranges depending on size.

1.25 oz. Lotion Bar.....Price: $8.00

2.5 oz. Lotion Bar.....Price: $12.00


The LAVISHEA Lotion Bars come in several natural fragrances. 

This bar has a wonderful, light almond fragrance. Like all our bars, this bar will not leave a greasy residue on yarn. It is the perfect way to prevent dry skin from snagging delicate projects. Also, it helps control the drying effects of working on handmade projects.

This scent is fresh and clean smelling with wood, citrus, and spice notes, a good men's cologne scent

There really is a scent for all types! 
 (I even had my Husband Try the Bar, He liked that is was not "Sticky.")

I would recommend these lotion bars to ANYONE!!  Not only is the quality of ingredients impressive, but as a licenced medical skin care professional, I can tell you that this lotion bar will provide nutrition to your skin as well.  I loved how the bar felt as though it was melting into your hands and you warmed the bar over your skin.  After placing the bar back in the handy tin, you simply rub your hands together and let the lotion do it's magic.  This would make the perfect gift for the 'Knitter Who has Everything!'  Do you have a swap coming up and you want something different for your gift recipient?  This is a must for ever knitter's bag.

Lavishea receives a 5 Needle rating!

I will be giving away 4 Lavishea Bars on Wednesday June 29th.  You have one week to be entered into the giveaway.  You must become a follower of the Blog and post a message on this link to be entered. 

Good Luck and to who ever wins, you are in for a treat!!!

Special thanks again to the LaviShea company who donated to this blog for a Product Review.

On The Move

| Wednesday, June 15, 2011
Sorry I have not been updating as regularly as normal.  My husband and I have been moving.  You all know how that goes.  No knitting at the moment and it is hard to even admit that, but i will survive.  Thought I would post some pics for you all to see.
Look at the color that I picked for all of your fiber friends.  It is truly resembles the name to the fullest,
"Wool Skein"! I love it



I will do my best to post when I can.

Book Review

| Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I am pleased to introduce to you, A Turn in the Road by Debbie Macomber


This fantastic book comes in Hardcover copy as well as in the Kindle version. 
The Hardcover retails for $24.95 U.S/$27.95 CAN.  As of today, Amazon has this book
 priced at $14.97 & is eligible for Free Shipping with Amazon Prime.
The books dust cover is brightly colored with a fantastic picture of what is to come in this book.  
It simply has a few bags atop a car headed out on a long road of uncertainty.


It can be tough to not give away the plot of a good book when all you want to do is tell every friend about what you just read.  I found myself slipping away for moments in between anything and everything I was doing all last week just to squeeze in a few more pages of the plot. 

What I will say is this; Debbie Macomber just has a way about bring you a heart warming story that is unlike any other author I have ever read.  This book introduces some new and old characters from the days of the Blossom Street collection of books that we all know and love.  She has a passion for giving of herself in her reading that is like no other.  Thanks again Debbie for such a great book!


I would recommend this book to anyone wanting a fantastic summer read!  This book could be 'ewesed' for a summer book out at the pool, vacationing on a lake or even in between picking up kids from summer camps and baseball games.  Each page held my attention to the point of secretly telling myself, 'Just one more chapter!'  Head on over to  Amazon and pick up your copy of this fantastic Summer Book.

A Turn In the Road receives a 4 Needle Review Rating!

Just remember;
"Anything can happen when you put on a pair of Hot Pink Socks"

Great Summer Pattern

| Wednesday, June 1, 2011
Looking for something quick, easy and fantastic for using up some stash fingering weight yarn?  Why not knit up a Multnomah Shawl.  This unique flowing pattern is designed after the majestic waterfall at Multnomah Falls in Oregon.  It flows and is so perfect for using up a quick 400 yards of fingering weight.  I used Dyeabolical Yarns "Bling".  I can not say enough about the 'Bling' in this yarn.  Is is though it was spun with what reminds me of thin strips of Christmas tinsel!!  Love it.  This shawl is for my friend who has a summer wedding to attend.  (She is modeling in the photos) Enjoy!!

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