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Superknits you say...the name lives up to its products!


As my Ravelry name insinuates, 'HotPinkSocks' I love pink socks.  What could make your day more fun than adding a bit of pink to it; or in my case a bunch of pink?  Gemma, who is the owner of superknits sent me what I can only say is the perfect pink.  From the moment I tore open the cardboard box to inhaling the scent of what I can only call fiber crack, passionately squealing about the brilliance of the pink yarn I was holding under my nose!  Attached to the skein of yarn was a simple crisp tag that read,
I turned the tag over to investigate what this fiber was a blend of;
75% Superwash BFL & 25% Nylon. 

 I know you are all wondering what in the world this radiant color was named,
Without further delay I present to you "Magic Moo's Magenta."


I wanted to really show the color of this yarn off so I chose a simple stitch sock pattern.  I love how the stitch definition pops with this yarn.  Each 'click swoosh' of my needles with each stich seemed effortless.  In fact I noticed that my rhythm had actually picked up in speed as I enjoyed the round and round of the sock knitting.  Everything from the feel of the yarn to the evenness of the twist was a joy to work with. 


~Thanks Gemma!!~

Superknits receives a 5 Needle Review Rating!
Just remember;
“Anything can happen when you put on a pair of Hot Pink Socks”


I can't say enough about this fabulous yarn, I would tell my Mother to add this sock yarn to my Christmas Stash List.  I would love to have a sock drawer full of hand knit socks using fiber from Superknits.  Gemma has priced her yarn perfectly.  This particular skein retails for £10.50, I think this is around 17.00 US.  Find your way over to Gemma's shop and pick up a skein of this fantastic yarn.  While you are there, she also sells a variety of other items for us knit-a-holics.  (Needles, Notions and other Fiber treats).


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