Just in time for Winter

| Thursday, December 8, 2011
By: Jenise Reid

I am so excited to be able to review this new pattern from such a talented creator.  Jenise has really out done herself with the construction of such a modern tweed look.  I will be the first to tell you that I love tweed, however I am not a big cable girl.  So when I came across this pattern that encompassed tweed and a more modern look all while retaining its femininity, I jumped on it!  What a perfect way to have a pullover that acts almost like a wide necked sweater and tastefully adorned with a hood. 

The pattern its self is very well written.  I am the kind of person that when knitting or choosing a pattern, I would rather have a little to much specificity in my directions then just leave it up to interpretation.  This pattern is just the right mix of each.  I am thrilled at the thought of sitting by the fireplace, snow on the ground outside and casting on this project.  I have already picked out my yarn and put it on my Knit Picks wish list for Christmas!!  I think her choice of the Lemon Curd is fantastic!  Being a dark brunette with light skin tones, my tweed of choice is going to be "The Toad Color Way"

Here are a few creative photos of the sweater to entice you into dropping this into your queue!

I am such a stickler for finishing details.  This pattern is no disappointment in this area either.  What really makes me excited is the clean lines and the simplicity of her construction.  I could see this pullover dressed up in a skirt like in the beautiful photos above, or just kicking around in your favorite pair of jeans and old cowboy boots. 

This pattern retails for
Side note:  She has given you the option on Ravelry to Send this pattern as a Gift.  What a way to make a knitters Christmas by dropping a fantastic winter pattern into their library. 

~Special thank you to Jenise for allowing her pattern to be reviewed~

Lemon Tweed Hoodie receives a four needle review!

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Something to Sparkle about

| Tuesday, November 22, 2011
Just in time for your Holiday knitting!  I am so excited to have had the opportunity to work with this new fingering weight sock yarn from Red Barn Yarns!

Feast your wondering eyes on this!

This was the first time I had really enjoyed knitting a fiber that contained any kind of "Sparkle".  Lets be honest, we have all picked up something at our local knitting shop or fiber festival that promised to knit up effortlessly all while giving off that glimmering shimmer of a jeweled stone.  Come to find out when you cast on your project you find all your sparkles have fallen all over the floor or better yet, all over you.  This luxurious yarn does not fall into this category in any shape or form.  I was so pleased to knit this into what I think was a very rich looking shawl.  It is so easy to spot the crystal like fibers  flowing through out the garment when it is wrapped around your shoulders! I love the look this gives off.

~by; Mindy Wilkes~

"Catherine", Owner of Red Barn Yarn, has richly named this color way Pigeon's Blood, this is in her 'Jewel Collection'.  The name derives from the highest quality of rubies, you can see why this is so rightly given!
She has also given us a taste of her other fiber types in various colors.  With so many bases to choose from and so many colors imaginable, the ideas are endless!
I Loved the Ribbon idea!

Take the time to look over the website at Red Barn Yarn.  You will find no shortage of rich colors and fiber bases of any kind to choose from.  Her sight is easy to maneuver through and really gives you a clear understanding of the types of fiber she works with and an array of beautiful colors!

receives a 5 Needle Review Rating!

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Thank you to Catherine Petitti for donating to the Blog!

Lets Talk Needles

| Thursday, November 10, 2011
I'm not sure about any of you, but I don't go any ware without my Knit Picks Interchangeable needles,
 Until today.  I would like to introduce you to a new Interchangeable needle made by

I am thrilled with these needles!  They are a wooden needle tip with a polished finish, flawlessly pointed tips that are perfect for any kind of project.  I was really impressed with each needle tip being individually colored to help you indicate sizes.  The lower metal part of the needle also has the actual US Size imprinted on the end.  If any of you are anything like me, I am constantly running to find my needle sizer to see if the two tips I have on my cable are even close in size.  Having each size reflective of a different color will make every one's lives better.  (Fantastic Idea!)

I was really excited about the cables that were included in the kit.  Unlike other interchangeable needle kits, you only get 2 cable lengths.  The Knitters Pride kit comes with;

  • 4 Cords (24", 40", 2 of 32")

  • 1 Set of size marker

  • 8 End caps

  • 4 Cord keys

  • 1 Cord case

  • I have used theses needles on a worsted weight natural fiber and a light fingering blend to get the true feel of how they knit.  I am beyond pleased.  The Joins between the cable and needle tip are seemless.  Face it, no one wants snagged yarn in the middle of a project.  If you have never tried wooden knitting needles or looking for the right set for you, then look no further!
    If any of you are unsure as to what you are asking Santa for, may I suggest putting these needles at the top.  You will be spectacularly pleased with your choice for all your knitting projects. 

    Please note: Knitters pride has much more to offer in the way of needles.  Make sure you take a moment and look at what you can enhance your "Stash" with!!

    Special thank you to Phyllis Howe for donating to the Blog

    Knitters Pride receives a 5 Needle Review Rating!

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    Evermore Studios Presents

    | Wednesday, October 26, 2011
    Sugar Baby Sock Yarn
    I have not had this much fun with 2 skeins of sock yarn in a long time.  I am such an avid sock knitter and love how quick they knit up.  I was graciously sent this yarn for the review by Lori,
    (the link is to her Ravelry page).
    Lori finds herself tickled with the idea of color, color, and more color!  When she sent me the 2 skeins of sugar baby sock yarn, I was instantly drawn to two things.  The first was the color, she sent me her version of Pistachio, the color was beautifully died and the name was a true fit.  Secondly, as I was holding the fiber in my hands I could not get over how squishy & soft the yarn was! I know that most superwash merino yarns seem to be similar, I don't know what her trick is but this feels amazing!

    The yarn came in Sealed bags.  I don't know about you all, but I was really pleased with this simple idea.  We all have varying sizes of stashed yarn and we don't always get to them as soon as we might have hoped.  So when I realized her packaging was heat sealed, storing the yarn was not longer a worry about moths or dust. (Excellent Idea Lori!)

    Each skein contains approximately~400 yards (366 meters)
    ~100 grams (3.53 ounces)
    ~US 0 - 3 or 2 - 3.25mm
    ~Fingering / 4 ply (14 wpi)

    Her choice in color changes through out the yarn is a seamless flow.
    All of her yarns are so vibrant in the coloring of each skein, check out her etsy shop for yourself.

    I chose a pattern that would use up all of the yarn I was given.  I loved the flow and character of the
    Vortex-Shawl because it can be used as a traditional shawl/wrap or I though it would make for a really unique baby blanket.  I used both skeins of yarn and knit until the project was as large as I could make it.  I love the simple lace pattern swirl that increases from the center of the shawl.  Take a look and see for yourself.

    This yarn felt so great and almost effortless as I did my shawl as my evening TV knitting.  I forget how great sock yarn can be for other projects besides socks.  Every one look through your favorite tabs in your projects and splurge on some fantastic yarn!

    Thank you to my BFF Hilary who was my beautiful Model.
    Thank you as well to Lori for donating to the blog for the review.

    Please make sure you all go and visit her shop!
    Evermore Studios receives a 5 Needle Review Rating!

    Just remember;
    “Anything can happen when you put on a pair of Hot Pink Socks”


    October Treat

    | Monday, October 10, 2011

    I have been so excited about this post for a few weeks.  Michele, the owner of Three Bags Full was gracious enough to let me review her project bags.  What a treat this is!
    I have a few adorable photos for you to look at before I get into the details of the project bag.

    The bags come in three different sizes;

    Mini Bag ~ $20.00
    Bag measures 7 1/2 " long, 4" wide, 4 1/2" tall and 8" on the diagonal.

    Project Bag ~ $32.00-36.00
    Measuring 9"L x 4.5"W x 4.5" T.

    Sweater bag ~ $48.00
    Bag Measurements:13" long, 7" across, 4.5" tall

    Each bag is impeccably stitched with a fun outside fabric and a coordinating lining fabric.  Inside the bag there are pockets and small elastic strips to hold needles, hooks or pens.  The handle of each bag is made with a sturdy coordinating colored ribbon.  I was so impressed with her sewing technique.  The bag is constructed to last for a lifetime. 

    Attached to each zipper pull is a beautifully crafted, locally made, lampworked bead. This makes the perfect touch on every bag.

    These bags make for the perfect gift!  Each one comes thoughtfully wrapped up with adorable tags attached.
    (Christmas is on the way! wink...wink!)

    Michele a single mom living on the coast of Maine. Her backyard is host to black bears, foxes, owls and all sorts of critters!  She loves to create with color, and find expression in her bags, coming up with fun combinations of fabric and beads. She is also a voracious knitter, gardener and pastel painter. It will be hard to resist one of these adorable bags.  Her slogan says it all,

    Thank you again to Michele for sharing her beautiful bags with me. 
     Make sure you take a look at her bags today, who knows you just might need two!

     receives a 5 Needle Review Rating!

    Just remember;
    “Anything can happen when you put on a pair of Hot Pink Socks”



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